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Galaxy S23 Plus

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Galaxy S23 Plus

Brand New Black 256GB

Galaxy S23 Plus

Brand New Black 256GB
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Overview: Galaxy S23 Plus Refurbished Deals

Compare resellers and certified recyclers: buy a Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus via and save around £320 on average vs. new!

What do you get with every refurbished phone?

Buy a refurbished Galaxy S23 Plus from ANY of the resellers on Unlocked, and you'll automatically get:

Free standard delivery

Factory reset & tested

12 month warranty

30 day returns

Pay in installments

UK based support

We have approx. 3 Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus refurbished deals for all colours and sizes. Choose the grade/condition you want and compare certified reseller prices in the UK. Get an unlocked phone today and save on average £310 versus the new price.

What's NOT included with my Galaxy S23 Plus?

While all resellers include a brand new charging cable (USB) with every order, most of them do NOT provide an A/C plug socket any more sadly. So if you need one, they're available from pretty much any online store for a couple of quid.

Did you know...?

SIM-Only plans are a cheaper way of getting a monthly contract. Once you have the phone, why not compare SIM Only deals for Sky Mobile, O2 and Vodafone, plus all the other networks at our sister website!

Boring legal bit: All refurbished phone data including pricing information is obtained from third-parties and while we strive to keep it as accurate as possible, some errors may occur. If you have seen an error please notify the Unlocked team. Please note we may earn a commission if you purchase a refurbished handset via our website. Please refer to individual reseller's terms and conditions before purchasing.

Best Galaxy S23 Plus Refurbished Deals – How To Buy

Looking for a cheap Galaxy S23 Plus deal on pay monthly? The launch price in the UK is here: Galaxy S23 Plus starts at £769, so it isn't exactly cheap. Buy a refurbished Galaxy S23 Plus instead and it'll save you money. In fact many Brits are buying unlocked or second-hand phones like the Galaxy S23 Plus all the time.

Brand new vs unlocked

You no longer need to buy a brand new phone, particularly if you don't want to be locked into a contract. Cheap refurb deals for phones like the Galaxy S23 Plus are here and many Britons are buying refurb models as they can often look "brand new".

You can choose the condition, so if you want a Galaxy S23 Plus that is the business and hardly noticeable that it's used, then go for Pristine condition. Try a refurb Galaxy S23 if you want to save a bit more money as they will be a bit cheaper. Remember that the Galaxy S23 Plus is larger and thereofre more expensive.

Luckily, we have some fantastic refurb deals in the UK to help you cut costs. Check them out now to see what's on offer!

Galaxy S23 Plus front

And as always, remember to compare prices on refurbished phones. We compare prices for all refurbished Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets, from  ALL the UK resellers and recyclers like mazuma Mobile, Music Magpie and more.

All Galaxy S23 Plus storage sizes:

We check prices on all these different sizes/storage capacities, to find the best refurb deals.

  • 256GB
  • 512GB

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