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Why buy a refurbished phone?

Having the latest shiny new mobile phone is great, but many people have buyer's remorse soon after.

Increasingly, many Brits are looking to cut household costs; a good way of doing this is analysing exactly where we're spending our money. Taking out a nice new pay monthly mobile contract may seem like a good idea at the time, but then you're lumbered with a pricey contract for years and years.

Instead, buying a refurbished or "unlocked" mobile phone is becoming the new normal for many.

Buying a used mobile phone is a bit like buying a used car. Until recently, many people didn't like the idea of doing this, as they didn't want to buy a scratched or damaged phone. But with the advent of high-quality screen protectors, it is becoming more and more difficult to tell apart a used and a new phone.

There are many websites around now that compare refurbished pay monthly contract prices, but what if you want to compare unlocked phones without a contract? We couldn't find a website that did it.

How to use Unlocked

First, choose your phone from over 100 top-selling handsets including the latest models like the iPhone 14 or Samsung Galaxy S23. We then compare refurbished prices, for all conditions. Our robots check prices going back all the way to the Galaxy S8...!

How do you make money?

We work on a commission basis, so the certified resellers we use - such as musicMagpie, Mozillion and BackMarket, may sometimes pay us a percentage of the handset price when we refer customers to them.

Choose any colour or size

Unsure if Phantom Black works out cheaper than Midnight Green? Wonder no more, we'll show you accurate reseller and recycling prices. You can now sort refurbished phones by over 20 different filters.

Over 50,000 live deals

There's no need to check any other website if you're buying an unlocked. Why? Because we compare more prices than anyone else. We're tracking the prices of 3,238 refurbished mobile phones.

Accurate refurbished phone prices

Here at Unlocked, we compare refurb deal prices from all the biggest certified resellers in the UK, including:

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