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  1. Which resellers / recyclers do you work with?

    Currently, we check prices from musicMagpie, BackMarket, Mozillion, eBay and Amazon. If you represent a mobile phone reseller please get in touch with a member of the team to learn more about integrating with us.

  2. What happens if I buy a 'locked' mobile, can I change the SIM/network?

    All of the mobile phones that are displayed on Unlocked are just that: unlocked. We don't show any 'locked' or network restricted gadgets at all.

  3. Do you offer SIM Only deals?

    Absolutely! View our new website,

  4. I bought a phone via Unlocked and I have a problem with it...

    Here at we don't sell phones directly, we act as a referrer for the resellers. You will therefore need to contact the reseller you purchased the phone from with any questions or queries.

  5. Do you sell mobile phones directly?

    No. As above, we only compare prices from certified resellers. We carry no stock.

  6. How do you make money?

    If you purchase a phone from one of the certified resellers, we may receive a commission, normally a percentage of the purchase price. This doesn't affect how we display any of our refurbished deals, though.

  7. I have other questions — how do I get in touch?

    The easiest way is to get in touch with a member of the team here. We aim to reply within 1 working day (UK hours).

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